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Private safaris

Everyone is different and has different desires and interests, so no route should be the same. Do you prefer to visit famous national parks in the north or take a road that is less traveled in the south or west? Is there a big five on your bucket list, bird watching, or a Serengeti safari? Private safaris offer you great freedom. You can travel on your own terms and at your own pace, as you have a private guide and a car. If you like to stop by the river for an hour to see herds of elephants bathing, this is possible. Or if you want to relax by the pool instead of watching the game around the clock, it's up to you. We create an individual safari that meets your expectations and realizes your dreams of a safari.

Safari cars

We have our own safari cars; the latest modified Land Cruisers (all-wheel drive). These cars are comfortable, have high back seats and plenty of legroom. Roof hatches provide an optimal view of wildlife, as this roof can be turned over in front, behind and even completely removed from the car. This way you can get up, get out of the top of the car or even sit on the roof. The roof will be closed over long distances. Our vehicles are fully equipped with first aid kits, a built-in refrigerator and a long-range radio system for easy communication.

Seasonal Rate

As a local safari company based in Arusha, we have competitive prices, so you have a price advantage when booking with us.

All Destination

Our team consists only of professional and experienced guides. They speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese.

City Tours

We care about you from start to finish and know everything about Tanzania, from wildlife and the nature of different cultures.

Personal Service

Ми даємо вам особисті поради, коли їхати, де зупинитися та що можна побачити. З більш ніж 10 -річним досвідом ми усвідомлюємо важливість особистого обслуговування.

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